Ourdall Walk

The Municipal Administration of Vianden is proud to present the new “Ourdall Promenade” between Stolzembourg and Vianden. This marked trail, which can be enjoyed by both hikers and cyclists, extends for 8.5 km along the lower basin of the Our. Fascinating impressions as well as a dozen information panels inform people about the history of the region, the river, borders, industry, etc.

The 8.5 km course can be easily used by people of all ages, and in many places there is a way to organize the bus return (Line 570). The most ambitious can also walk the Ourdall Promenade and then take the connected circuits for their return, such as the Nat’Our Route 4 and Nat’Our Route 5. The main departure points with parking and bus stop are for the northern part. from the promenade the border bridge of Stolzembourg / Keppeshausen, in the middle of the cemetery in Bivels and for the southern part the cemetery in Vianden. Additional information can be found on the Vianden tourist information website (www.vianden-info.lu)

We allow ourselves to give you some impressions of the walk, and we invite you to come and visit our region with these splendid views and its unspoilt nature.


Source, text, links and photos: vianden.lu

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